Why I Write

Short Story Erotica

Why I Write

From the Author – Miss Omi

Hold on tight because I’m going to tell you about my ‘extreme shift’ from airline pilot to writing erotica …

When I was at 40,000 feet flying over Australia as the Captain of a jet … I never realised I’d end up running a secret raunchy space for women. It even makes me blush a bit!!

I have spent 25 years as a professional woman in a male dominated world and got to the top … but something wasn’t enough. I had a yearning for more but I wasn’t sure what it was. I felt like I didn’t fit anymore and I suffered terribly with Motherguilt being away from my kids. I also explored business and marketing and the more I dabbled, the more I found alignment with the running of the airline rather than flying the planes.

Maybe you’ve felt a bit torn too?

After a series of life changing events, I made the scary choice to leave.

It wasn’t easy, in fact a bit scary, but I had to and here’s why …

My marriage ended and almost immediately I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am eternally grateful to my late sister and my Mum who had it before me as their experience meant that I had been getting breast screening from about the age of 38.

At 40 … they found something.

The amount they found in my breast, combined with my family history and my age meant that I had to have a mastectomy and reconstruction of one of my breasts. I elected only for the one as I desired to still have feeling in my other one. A crazy decision to have to make.

After all the surgery was over and everything was good, I would look in the mirror naked and sigh. I didn’t really like the picture looking back at me. It wasn’t until my new amazing partner (who was a photographer masquerading as an accountant!) kept taking amazing photos of me. I don’t mean to brag but when he took photos of me … I looked ok. After much relecting on this noticable fact, I figured out that he was in love with ME the human … not me the body I was dressed in.

After that, I could look in the mirror and FEEL GOOD.

I found a way to love myself as much as my partner did.

So that’s why my mission is …

To help 1 Million Women Relax and Feel Good …

(I’d love ALL women to have the chance to feel good about themselves but I’ve got to start somewhere!)

I got back from the sad face in the mirror to feel super sexy again and that super sexy feeling lead me to write raunchy stories for you.

Don’t be too serious. Relax … have fun … and take some ‘me time’ to feel good about yourself.

It’s our little secret ladies and we deserve to awaken our Intimate Identity no matter what season of life you are at or what shape you are … we are all beautiful.

In each of the 3 mini-series (more coming soon!), you might just find a little bit of you in one of the women re-discovering her sensuality.

Carrie in ‘Travel Lover’ is coming back after divorce, Kira in ‘Goddess Withing’ is a busy career woman who lets a man into her world after declaring she wouldn’t and Jess in Tradie Lady is wanting her sex back in her marriage.

Come along on the ride for a bit of saucy fun whether it’s in a coffee break, on holiday, in the bath, or on the train!

With Love,

Naomi xx

O-MeTime Mini Series

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