Trial – Travel Lover S1 Episode 1 ‘Tropical Rendesvous’

Authors note …

Waiting for the taxi, heart-pounding, Carrie could hear her conscious screaming “what are you doing?!”

Standing on the precipice, about to jump off the cliff, so many analogies for the unfamiliar territory she found herself in at that moment. She was heading into her first sexual encounter since her marriage of 15 years had ended. 15 long, lonely, sex challenged years.

The thought of uncovering her curvy ‘normal’ body to someone for the first time since her now ex-husband, filled her with fear, but she felt drawn to Ryan.

She had met Ryan after being seated together at a travel expo, and a strong friendship developed, they rapidly shared their deepest emotions, as neither of them had experienced before.

Accepting his invitation while away in Bali for work, led to an unimaginable and unforgettable sexual adventure for Carrie.


As Carrie rounded the last bend towards her kids’ school, she forced herself to let go of the angry thoughts surrounding her pending divorce. She had made a pact with herself to protect her kids from as much of it as possible, and not giving them attention in the car was a no-no.

She glanced in the rear vision mirror at her growing babies.

“Have a great day guys … Dad will be picking you up from school today and I’ll see you on Monday” she said as she watched their predictable elbowing through the school gate as they squeezed through at the same time. Although her high school age kids aggravated each other daily, she reflected on how much they would need each other through their parent’s separation.

She looked at the time on the car display and quickly calculated that she would just have enough time to get to the airport for a coffee before take-off. As a travel agent, her job often involved traveling for familiarisation trips to review hotels and resorts. She loved travelling and although she missed her kids while she was away, she reasoned that her absence allowed her to take her family on amazing holidays whenever she could.

Her destination today was Bali and she was excited at the thought of relaxing by the pool, but the thought of her travel friend George and their uninterrupted time together excited her the most! George…. was her trusty vibrator that had been the only thing from sending her mad from her toe-curling sex drought, and he had become her much loved travel companion.

In the later years with her ex-husband, she had craved intense sexual encounters, something of the ‘Hollywood style’ romps, complete with the wild fury they portrayed. But she wasn’t even entirely sure it was possible, especially for her, now in her 40’s and with a delightfully curvy ‘mum-bod’.

She decided to use the 30-minute drive to the airport to call her friend Ryan. She had met Ryan at a travel expo and had slowly found herself confiding in him in a way she had never been able to with her ex-husband. With Ryan, opening up was so easy and natural, at times she wasn’t really sure what to make of it.

As an overthinker and over planner, she had needed an explanation for their connection, a label, so she filed it under ‘close friend’ and tried not to think too much more on it.

“Hey there, you” Ryan answered with genuine excitement in his voice.

“I thought you were heading away today to an exotic location?”

“Hey Ryan, Yes! I am on the way to the airport right now and had a minute, so I thought I’d say hi! Is it a good time to chat?” Carrie asked.

“I’ve always got time to chat to you” Ryan drifted off. He momentarily reflected on how he had been blown away by Carrie’s bubbly (slightly too loud!) personality when they had sat next to each other. He had found Carrie easy to talk to and was drawn to her slightly eccentric humour, mainly with her ‘too much information’ content.

Ryan had not had any long-term relationships in his life, they never seemed to last longer than a few years. He always ended up feeling like he had to impress his partners with money, gifts, and experiences, when what he really craved was a friend, a partner that felt like a mate … ‘a mate with benefits’ he would often think in his quiet moments.

Meeting Carrie by chance had surprised him, especially how natural and comfortable he felt with her, from the start he found that he could be himself, warts and all.

She wasn’t fixated on money, which was a refreshing change from his last partner who wanted a champagne lifestyle but complained when he spent long hours at work trying to create it. Carrie’s relaxed manner was a distinct change and a welcome relief. He had elected to stay single since his last fiery relationship, and in his quiet truth, it was because he was afraid of repeating the pattern. Carrie, he decided, would stay ‘purely’ in the friendship zone, though at times his body’s reaction to her told a very different story!

Every time he spoke to her or was with her, he was shocked and a little embarrassed at his physical reactions to her. He would feel a stirring in his groin like his path was being determined by something deeper … or was it just his other brain taking charge?!

In keeping with the openness of their conversations; Carrie had revealed her secret to Ryan about ‘George’.

“So, ahhh, have you packed George?” he enquired with a hint of cheekiness in his voice.

“Well of course my friend!” Carrie laughed out loud. “He’s the best travel companion I’ve ever had … he never complains, and he ALWAYS knows what I want!!”

For a naughty second, Ryan imagined himself being George. Mmmm he thought as his mind video ran on repeat, visualizing himself pleasuring Carrie.

After enjoying the thought for a second or two, he shook it off and scolded himself. He really liked Carrie and didn’t want to wreck his friendship by thinking with his dick!

“Have a safe trip and call me if you want, I’ll be in and out of meetings for the next few days to bring on 5 new resorts but happy to chat to you” Ryan closed off as they hung up. His online travel site kept him busy, but he always had time for Carrie.

Carrie smiled as she thought about how much it surprised her that just chatting with Ryan raised her energy. It felt to her like she had known him all her life and perhaps somehow a previous lifetime.

She dismissed the thoughts and headed for the carpark.

As her jet taxied into Denpasar airport in Bali, Carrie felt invigorated about the few days she had to relax and restore… oh and review the property she giggled internally.

The hotels and resorts had to ‘suck up’ to travel agents as they were their frontline to room sales AND being a close-knit community, word would get around if your property was good … or bad.

She had hoped that they would ‘suck up’ enough to give her a 1-bedroom suite with a private plunge pool, a comforting alternative to waltzing around the main pool in her bathers feeling ‘not so slender’.

Her ex-husband had never been able to keep up with her sexual desires or had an interest in keeping up, and over time she had lost her confidence in her body. But there was something about traveling and being alone and naked in her suite, that gave her an air of confidence, a strong sense of sensuality.

Carrie had a secret about hotel rooms that, up until now only her ex-husband knew about. There was something about them that made her horny. She wasn’t sure if it was the quiet, the lack of interruption or the simple fact that she didn’t have to make the bed, that made walking through the hotel room door leave her with a sense of sensual excitement and desire. These days having to settle for ‘self-desire’ fulfilled her for now.

That’s why she had purchased George. She was by nature extremely loyal, and even with the lack of connection in her marriage, infidelity was not her style, so George was her concession for all those years.

The transfer at the airport had gone smoothly, being a fairly seasoned traveller, as her taxi ducked in and out of traffic before pulling up to the hotel. To Carrie’s delight, the lovely staff at the reception desk informed her that she had been upgraded to the suite with a private plunge pool. “Yay!” she squealed internally, trying to act cool like it always happened.

She thanked the staff and took the cardboard key wallet and dashed as fast as she could to the room, the anticipation causing her heart to pound the closer she got.

As she entered the room, she quickly soaked up the freshly cleaned smell and feel of luxury. It had an oversized king bed with Balinese style teak bedside tables and large sliding doors that opened out to the private plunge pool. To her left she could see another door that she correctly assumed was the bathroom which she opened to reveal marble everything, enhancing the lavish and an expensive feel.

She wheeled her bag to the wardrobe and hoisted it up to the baggage stand like a pro.

Her gaze was drawn to the pool, her mind then triggering her body, her feet shifting as the silence of the room, and the thought of the pool made her incredibly aroused.

She wasted no time in unpacking and undressing, pulling a towel from the shelf in the wardrobe and wrapping it around her.

She smiled at her modesty seeing she was the only one in her secluded room. She grabbed the complimentary bottle of water from the bedside table, knowing that you NEVER drink from the tap in Bali, unlocked the sliding door and stepped out onto the private patio. She surveyed the surrounding walls and concluded that she was free to ‘be’ then let the towel fall to the banana lounge and stepped naked into the plunge pool. The water was tepid and soft, and she shivered as it tickled and teased her nipples, particularly enjoying how it made her pubic hair swish as she descended the stairs. She checked the surroundings again, just to be sure if anyone might be able to see her, with no real plan if she did see any eyeballs looking back at her.

She checked herself as her imagination suddenly played a flash video of a dark discreet figure looking at her, playfully pretending that she didn’t know as she rubbed her smooth skin.

As she leaned back on the stairs in the pool and put on a show to her imagined audience, she lifted her chest up enough so her breasts popped out of the water. She liked how the water made them bobble around and for a moment appreciated how sexy they looked.

She tended to focus on the good bits of her body, her chest, and cleavage, the parts she didn’t hate.

She had an hour to spare before she had to tour the facility with the manager, and she knew exactly what to do with that hour as she stepped out of the pool, dried herself off and went inside to unzip her bag to get George out.

“Ok George let’s see what you’ve got” she said with authority.

She pondered the bed for her encounter but as she glanced out to the pool a cheeky thought popped into her head. The thrill of being outside with her imaginary admirer watching, turned her on, so she placed a towel down on the banana lounge and lay back, offering her naked body to the warm humid air.

She got comfortable and allowed her knees to spread apart revealing her swelling lips. The cooling effect of the evaporation of her moist opening felt stimulating.

She switched George on and let him begin his journey.

Thankfully she noted, the low hum of George was overshadowed by the birds and the general noise outside her walls. She teased herself by running the vibration around her breasts, working her way in circles, finally allowing herself the sensation on her now erect nipples.

She let out a sound of satisfaction as the vibration teased her nerve endings. Her knees spread further apart in response as the vibration moved down her soft stomach. She liked to tease herself and withhold, a little bit yes … no … especially when she was already wet and starting to crave the orgasm. The feeling of the vibration along her pubic line made her labia swell in anticipation as her body wriggled. She slipped her finger inside and used her own moisture to gently stroke herself.

When she was this horny, it never took too long to reach orgasm. She knew she was close as she slipped George in and out of herself, her fingers working vigorously on her bud simultaneously. Within seconds she could feel her orgasm release and travel through her body, feeling every tingle of the vibration as her body shuddered, her hips lifting up as the walls of her sex pulsed on George. “Oh god,” she breathed, trying to hold back a scream.

For a moment she wished it was someone else kneeling down between her legs. She seemed to lose concentration for a moment, imagining Ryan pleasuring her with his fingers then plunging his tongue into her, she almost dropped George at the thought. She asked herself “Why am I thinking about him?”

The intensity of her orgasm increased instantly with the thought of Ryan, the sensation overwhelming her, her body convulsing the final throws of her intense orgasm.

She lay there delightfully exhausted, her body throbbing and reeling arousal.

It took a minute or two before she came too enough to process why her intensity had gone to the next level as she had fantasized about Ryan.

Again, she asked herself, “Why am I thinking about Ryan?”

The thought confused her so she shrugged it off and started moving inside for a shower.

As she walked past her phone it beeped making her jump, as if she had just been busted.

She glanced at it and saw that it was a message from Ryan!

“Hey there, did you arrive safely?” it said on the lock screen.

She blushed as she decided not to answer straight away, for fear of giving away her secret.


“Mojito?” enquired the friendly waitress. “Yes, that’s mine … yummy!” squealed Carrie in delight. Over the last few days, she had enjoyed the delights of the resort, but time had flown and now she was toasting her last night in Bali.

She tried to avoid the ‘last night’ blues, only happy to go home to be near her kids as she was not scheduled to pick them up for a few days.

‘This is the life!’ Carrie thought to herself, slowly sipping from the delicious cocktail, her eyes disguising her secret thoughts about how she would tease herself later in the room. The secret itself was part of her arousal and she had enjoyed her quiet time in the resort to explore and pleasure herself.

As she didn’t actually see the kids again for another 3 days, she wondered why she really had to go home tomorrow, feeling a bit sulky about the return to reality. Her finances whilst not great, were ok, especially if the hotel would suck up some more and give her a cheap industry rate.

As the cool fresh minty Mojito slid down her throat she ran through the pros and cons of perhaps staying simply just to relax and recharge, when she felt the buzz of a message in her pocket.

As she pulled her phone out, the lock screen revealed who it was from and she instantly remembered that she’d forgotten to respond to Ryan when he messaged several days ago.

‘Woops’ she thought.

She opened the phone and the message read ‘Hey there stranger … I thought you must be having a cracking time because you didn’t answer the other day. You ok?’.

Before leaving home, she had been chatting and messaging with Ryan almost every day, so it surprised her as well that she’d forgotten … especially after her recent fantasy by the pool with George shape-shifting to Ryan.

‘I’m so sorry!’ she typed ‘I have been flat out (by the pool!)’ she teased.

‘Is it ok if I call?’ Ryan replied.

‘Y’ she typed as she finished her drink and began the stroll back to the room. ‘Gotta love Wi-Fi’ she thought to herself as her phone lit up as it rang.

“Hey Ryan” she answered with an unexpected blush.

“Hey there Carrie … how’s the weather up there?” Ryan asked.

“It’s amazing … hot and perfect plunge pool weather” Carrie shared.

“Wow, that’s good because I … I’ve been thinking about you nonstop which I can’t seem to shake … and you won’t believe it but we’re bringing on 3 more properties in Bali. It’s been organized last minute to fly there tomorrow. I … I was wondering if you wanted to meet up and come and stay with me” Ryan managed to get it all out.

Carrie stopped walking. Her heart pounding.

“Are you still there Carrie?” Ryan checked.

Carrie tried to hide the excitement and tension in her voice as her mind again ran through the pros and cons.

“Ryan … I … um … phew. Ok, give me a second” she stammered.

“Take your time I know it’s a bit out of left field” Ryan offered.

This was an awkward left or right moment as Ryan waited for Carrie to process an answer.

Carrie’s head was swimming, filled with imaginary thought bubbles as the battle raged between her intellectual mind and her yearning body. She eventually settled on her internal policy of not playing games with men and decided to just be perfectly honest with him.

“Ah … Yes”, she stammered. “To be honest I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you and … I … I had some dirty thoughts about you by the pool the other day” she said coyishly.

“Mmmmm … did you? That’s interesting. I’d like to hear more about that … or even better … perhaps you could show me tomorrow night.” Ryan’s voice deepened as he answered.

Carrie chuckled nervously at her vivacious response “I might just do that!”

“Ok then, my flight gets in at 3 pm so I should be at the hotel by 4 pm for a drink with you. I’m being put up at the Ritz Carlton. Do you know it?” he queried.

‘Did I know it!’ Carrie thought to herself. The Ritz Carlton Bali was a 5-star glamour.

“Yes! I know it and can meet you there” Carrie said with excitement in her voice.

“Great! I’ll see you when I’m looking at you” teased Ryan.

Carrie hung up, her mind racing with so many questions.

‘What had I said yes to? Did he do this with all the women? Oh god how can I be naked in front of him?’

Carrie calmed herself down to panic as she continued down the path to her room and made the arrangements to change her flight and extend the stay for her cat.

With her head tilted to the side, she critiqued her naked body in the mirror with her lip curled up. She sighed. Normally she was comfortable with her ‘real and normal’ look but the prospect of being seen naked by a different man for the first time in 15 years made her shudder. She imagined revealing herself to Ryan and it made her body shudder again.

‘Oh god,’ she whispered nervously.

She busied herself with packing before slipping into the soft sheets to attempt to get some sleep. After much tossing and turning, sleep finally prevailed.


“It’s now or never” she sighed as she zipped up her case and headed to the foyer to organize transport to ‘The Ritz’. She liked the sound of staying at the Ritz and smiled to herself about her hotel room ‘horny habit’.

In true Bali fashion, after a challenging language barrier conversation with the concierge, she hoped that she had ordered a taxi and not accidentally bought one!

She waited for only a minute before a taxi pulled up and her name was called. ‘Nailed it’ she thought!

The taxi driver obviously wanted to practice his broken English with her, so the journey went fast with a series of yes answers to unknown questions.

As the taxi pulled into the Ritz, Carrie sat and soaked in its magnificence. Ornate opulence oozed from everywhere she looked, from the gold trim on the handrails to the exotic fish in the entrance pond. The white marble that covered the floor of the entire large reception area looked like it must have been polished at least 10 times a day. As she was a few hours early, she checked with the reception desk and they suggested that she head to the beach bistro for a late lunch and to take in the view of the Indian Ocean. She followed the signposted path to the beach and soon found a daybed in the corner so she could eat, drink, and layback to daydream. She had kept her bathers in her carry bag so used the changeroom to slip into her favorite black bathers and covered up the rounder bits with a ‘confidence-building’ white chiffon beach dress.

Its relaxed fit allowed her to lay back on the pillows with her arm leaning up and back behind her without worrying about the wobbly bits.

With a full tummy and such a relaxed position, it wasn’t long before she drifted into a semi-sleep state.

She found herself on the balcony of a room, the soft breeze flapping the white fabric of her dress, revealing a sexy glimpse of her leg. As in many daydreams, sometimes strange side thoughts pop in and she smiled as she allowed herself to think how sexy the glimpse of her leg was. She was interrupted by a voice that made her turn, and the fuzzy outline of a man stepped through the open sliding doors and onto the balcony.

“Mmmm … I like skin” he said “… and yours is showing just enough” as he stroked her leg, drawing all Carrie’s focus as his fingers danced towards her upper thigh.

Carrie’s breathing became rapid as his fingers reached her pantie line and slipped in from the side to tease her.

As Carrie’s vision cleared, she strained to figure out who this daydream man was.

Her question was answered by a deep voice …

“Carrie … hey beautiful lady, it’s me … Ryan” the mystery daydream man said.

Carrie came to with a start and jumped. That was twice she had fantasized about Ryan. “What is happening,” she said to herself!

“What do you mean what is happening?” she heard someone repeat what she had just thought.

As her focus cleared, she saw Ryan standing in front of her.

Carrie felt like she’d been busted … which she was … and was momentarily stunned.

“My flight got in early and I thought you might hang out here.” Ryan said as he leaned forward to kiss her on the lips.

“Ryan!” Carrie exclaimed a little taken aback but delighted at the same time. “I must have drifted off,” she said as she tried not to give away her dirty little daydream secret.

“It’s so great to see you, would you like to join me on this comfy day bed?” Carrie said pulling herself together.

“Sure do,” Ryan said as he wriggled his way into a comfortable spot, notably to Carrie, with his arm and leg just brushing hers.

As their skin touched, Carrie felt electricity shoot through her body causing her nipples to harden with an unplanned flutter in her bathers.

As Carrie lay frozen pondering whether Ryan had felt the same reaction, her answer came when Ryan shared “I don’t know about you Carrie but when our legs touched I’m a little embarrassed to say but I think I almost climaxed in my pants!”

“I think we need a drink!” Ryan giggled as he ordered 2 Mojitos and some satays.

“I’m not sure what’s happening here Carrie, but I’ve never felt like this before, even when I met my ex-wife” Ryan reflected.

“I know, to be honest, I was daydreaming about you just now. You were stepping out onto a balcony and admiring and stroking my leg. You were just about to get to massage my sweet spot when you called my name just now. It was weird … and a little hot” Carrie shared boldly yet playfully.

Ryan responded only by running his fingers up her leg looking around to check the coast was clear before sneaking his fingers under her white dress just along her bather line.

Carrie’s breathing intensified as she allowed his touch which was an uncanny replay of her recent daydream, unable to put up any objection.

“Right, well I think if we keep this up then we might just forget where we are!” Ryan said struggling to maintain his composure. Do you want to get out of here and continue this ‘conversation’ in the room?” Ryan said in an inviting tone.

Without words, Carrie’s eyes filled with desire answered him as they quickly finished their Mojitos and satays and headed for the room, Ryan’s spare hand searching out for Carrie’s. As Carrie felt the brush of Ryan’s skin against hers, she opened her hand and invited him in as they walked silently hand in hand towards the excitement of a new beginning.


As the door swung closed and clicked, Carrie was immediately aroused.

She looked around at the opulence … and she loved it immediately.

“There’s something else you need to know about me,” Carrie said followed by a long pause.

The long pause after a comment like that made Ryan look like he was a LOT worried. It reminded him of some of the comments that lead to his disconnected relationships of the past. He braced himself as he waited and hoped that he hadn’t misread Carrie.

“When I get into hotel rooms, I feel really horny” Carrie whispered, blushing.

With that, Ryan breathed a sigh of relief, shaking his head at the beautiful layers of this lady that were gradually being revealed. Carrie blinked and looked up at Ryan unsure what was to happen next and by whom. Ryan couldn’t contain himself anymore and with one swift move, he slipped his hands around Carrie’s neck, cupping it in such a sensual way the Carrie nearly toppled. He kissed her passionately on the lips, pulling her into the safety of his space. Carrie loved being held and kissed like this.

As their tongues twisted and searched, Ryan slid one of his hands over her breast and was aroused by her now rock-hard nipple. Carrie’s chest was rising and falling fast now. She could feel Ryan’s fingers slip into her bather top, so he was touching her directly on her skin.

The only sounds in the room were the heavy breathing and delicate kissing.

“Oh god, that feels good” Carrie said pushing her breast further into his hand.

Ryan pushed on, his hand now sliding down her body slowly enough to make her feel like he was drawing her outline with his fingers.

Luckily for Ryan (and Carrie), the chiffon did not put up much of a barrier as his enquiring fingers rubbed the outside of Carrie’s bather pants which he could feel were now completely damp. “Mmmm,” Ryan said.

Carrie’s body twisted and wriggled as it enticed him and urged his fingers on. Ryan noticed this and carefully slipped his fingers down the top of her bathers and into the depths of heaven feeling the full extent of Carrie’s accepting body.

This was the point of no return for both of them. Carrie arched back onto Ryan as he alternated between rubbing and teasing her in multiple ways with his fingers. “Oh god you’re so aroused young lady” Ryan let out between breaths.

Carrie didn’t really hear him but could tell by his sexy tone that he was enjoying seeing her reacting with such intensity. She was struggling now, closing her eyes and taking in the whole experience.

Feeling his enjoyment made her so horny that she could hold off no further as she threw her head back onto his chest as her body convulsed and orgasmed with such intensity that she nearly lost her feet.

“Ohhhhhh god” she cried.

Ryan held her tight seeing that she was close to collapsing. He had never had quite this reaction, from what he thought was so little effort.

As Carrie leaned against Ryan, he slowly pulled up her dress and slipped it off. He turned her around so they could embrace and reached around to undo her bikini top. As it dropped to the floor Carrie looked up at Ryan. Before she could overthink, he had slipped off her bather bottoms.

He continued to stroke her body and whispered under his breath “Beautiful”.

Carrie was taken aback at how comfortable she felt now at her most feared moment. His eyes didn’t lie … and neither did the readiness of his body that she felt pushed up against her. He was soaking in her body with touch and she felt truly sexy and desired.

Without speaking Ryan guided Carrie to the luxurious king-size bed. As they stood at the edge of the bed, Carrie held his gaze as she unbuttoned his linen shirt and let it drop to the floor. She rubbed her fingers along his shoulders and down his chest, leaning in to kiss his torso in random spots. Ryan’s chest was heaving in response to her touch. Her fingers massaged him through his boxer shorts. Ryan could not hide his anticipation.

“Looks like there’s no room in those pants, I think we need to get them off,” Carrie said in a sexy tone.

Ryan didn’t argue as she slipped them off revealing exactly where his body was at.

Carrie turned Ryan’s body, so his legs gave way to a seated position on the bed followed by a further little push, so he was laying down flat.

Carrie crawled up onto the bed hovering over Ryan’s face making sure she was in his space. Ryan’s heart was pounding as she kissed him, their tongues teasing each other’s longingly.

Just like the movies, Carrie then kissed him all the way down his torso, pausing in places to make him wait and create urgency.

“Mmmm” was all Ryan could get out.

As she reached the bottom of his torso, she ran her fingers along the top of his pubic line, along the sides, and tickled at his testicles. She enjoyed his groan. She continued to build him up running her fingers from his testicles and along his shaft eventually engulfing it with her hand, massaging him rhythmically as she watched his face intently. She always enjoyed being teased herself and was loving that Ryan was responding to the same stimulation.

Ryan grunted as she engulfed him without warning into the cavern of her mouth.

Ryan could feel her tongue running along his aroused body as she got into a rhythmic motion, he was struggling. He was starting to get worried that he was going to reach unabashed pleasure, well before he wanted to, so he slipped his hands onto her face and slipped her mouth off him … so he could survive a bit longer.

“Oh Carrie” Ryan whispered holding her face, so their gaze met.

He tried to move aside but was stopped by Carrie’s strong straddle stance. She moved her body up and used her vagina to rub forward and back along him. Their eyes locked in pleasure.

Ryan’s erection was raging so it was easy for Carrie to twist her body and slip onto it without using her hands.

She leaned forward as she rode him slowly, looking deeply into his eyes.

They were trapped together in bliss as their bodies moved in unison heading towards the end game.

Their breathing was loud and urgent now, Carrie moaning uncontrollably as Ryan slid inside her with just the right amount of pressure.

Carrie sat upright, still riding Ryan. The change in the angle made him put more pressure on the front of her vagina causing her rhythm to increase … now out of control.

Ryan was pumping hard from underneath her, using the strength of his hips against gravity, watching her intently, soon seeing that she was about to go off.

That was it, Carrie screamed out in pleasure as she orgasmed again hard, Ryan slipped himself out and jetted onto her stomach, exploding so hard that it reached the bottom arch of her breasts.

“Ahhhh” he yelled out, surprised at the amount of noise his orgasm made and how much there was.

Carrie squealed with delight as she saw the deposit land on her skin.

Carrie smiled to herself as she thought about how much satisfaction she felt in the achievement of a man’s ejaculation … an erotic measure. ‘A secret for another day’ she smiled to herself.

Carrie flopped down on the bed next to Ryan and they both lay there stunned for what seemed like forever, breathing hard.

Their hands touched and clamped together.

Ryan rolled his head to look Carrie in the eyes.

“Oh baby, that was amazing” he said.

“Oh my god, I know” Carrie couldn’t help but say.

Ryan leaned up on one elbow as he looked along her body at his white silky deposit. He grabbed some tissues from the bedside table and cleaned her up. Carrie was surprised at how much she enjoyed his intense attention to the clean-up job. She lay back completely blissed out and watched him.

Lying there naked and dazed, Carrie felt comfortable and sexy in front of Ryan. ‘What an unexpected feeling’ she thought to herself.

“How about we jump into the shower and I’ll wash your back … and your front” Ryan laughed.

As they stepped into the shower he hoped she wasn’t freaked out by him ejaculating on her stomach, but little did he know that she was not freaked out at all … not one bit.


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