Trial – Tradie Lady S1 Episode 1 ‘Afternoon Delight’

Authors Note …
As Jess looked up from her computer, her gaze fuzzed into a daydream. Lately, she had been having out of character wild intimate dreams which reminded her about when she hooked up with Steve, her busy tradie husband.
Steve was fit and strong and although she loved his toned shoulders and washboard stomach, it was his ability to make her laugh that made her take the leap of faith into their first steamy skinny dip encounter.
Life seemed hard now and they were stuck in the grind. Little did Jess know that her distant eyes had not gone unnoticed as her wild past, now dwelling in her mind, would return … and not from where she expected.
As Steve rolled out of bed and headed for the shower, his cute little butte cheeks teasing her like 2 plump blueberries. Jess studied his body. “Nice arse … you should be an arse model” she mumbled, still half asleep. Through her closed sleepy eyes, Jess didn’t notice Steve looking a little shocked, obviously wondering if she was having some sort of dream. As a hard-working tradie, Steve’s body had held its shape after their 20 years together, yet her compliments now never seemed to reach their target.
Jess sighed as she forced herself fully awake, wondering why a comment about his body no longer got her desired response. His weakness to her flirting had given her a sense of power which she had secretly loved. Now as she lay there, she wondered where their sex life had gone, justifying it to herself that ‘maybe this just happens to all couples their age’.
The cliché of Christmas and birthdays were slowly becoming a reality for her, leaving her feeling less confident, flat, and with diminishing drive.
The last time they had been intimate was over a month prior and as hard as she tried to get into it, no orgasm found its way out and she had made the awful decision to fake it for the first time. Although she felt relieved that Steve hadn’t noticed, it still left her feeling guilty.
As it was still dark and an hour or so until it was time to get the kids moving, she lay in bed allowing her mind to drift.
“See ya, babe,” Steve said as he leaned forward to peck her on the cheek.
“A peck on the cheek?” she queried. “Is that where we are at?” she trailed off painfully as she watched Steve turn and stride off silently, afraid to show her his face.
As Steve walked down the stairs, he breathed out heavily. He had noticed Jess’s slow decline into sadness, and it worried him but also frustrated him that she didn’t seem to appreciate how hard he worked for the family. He wanted to talk about it but was afraid of making them more distant than they already were.
He decided to let it go for now and lose himself in his day’s work.
Jess heard the Hilux start-up and strained to listen until it faded into the distance. She remembered when the back of that Hilux had also doubled as their ‘sex pad’ when one of them had an urgent ‘itch’ to scratch.
She closed her eyes and tried to travel back to one of their early hot steamy memories. To her delight, one of their camping trips popped into her mind.
“You ready for an adventure?” Steve called out through Jess’s open front door.
“Sure am!” Jess squealed with delight as she sidled down the stairs with her overnight bag, slow enough to be cool, but with excitement and expectation welling up inside.
They were heading for Fraser Island to a camping spot on Lake McKenzie which would take them a few hours and a ferry ride.
As they drove along, Jess had her hand resting on Steve’s leg, every now and again rubbing from his hip to his knee.
“Mmmm, higher” teased Steve as her hand got close to his hip. Jess loved teasing Steve in the crease next to his ‘tool-box’ as Steve called it, so continued to caress along the front of his shorts.
“Eyes on the road, soldier” Jess giggled.
“If you keep doing that, you’re going to get a reaction …” Steve trailed off, having trouble with driving and talking at the same time while Jess rubbed.
“Oh really? I don’t believe you” Jess responded as innocently as she could rustle up.
Steve took the bait as he slowed down to turn onto a side road that he’d noticed. He found an isolated bend and pulled off to park.
He turned to Jess and said “Ok, this isn’t fair” Steve said as he opened the door and walked back to open the canopy of the ute. He rustled around in the back for a few moments before walking around to the driver’s door to open it for Jess.
“My lady,” he said with ye olde English accent, hand outstretched, head bowed.
“Oh, kind sir” Jess giggled as she stepped out and was guided to the back.
“If it pleases, madam” Steve continued as he whisked her up in his arms and lay her on the open swag that he had unrolled in the back. Jess giggled as she played along with his English aristocrat theme.
Steve kneeled next to Jess and began to rub her body all over, dwelling anywhere he could find bare skin which wasn’t too hard to find considering she was only wearing a light short-sleeve shirt with no bra finished with shorts. Jess closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the moment.
Steve was a surprise packet because unlike other men she had been with, her pleasure was his focus, and right now, she was completely hypnotized to his touch. In her short sensual exploration, she had found that he was rare.
Steve worked his fingers up her arm allowing them to find their way to her buttons which he slowly and purposefully undid … one by one.
“Mmmm … madam isn’t wearing a bra,” Steve said as her shirt fell to the sides to reveal her full breasts. Steve ran his fingers over her belly and around her breasts before leaning in to tantalize and tickle them. Jess arched her back up in enjoyment which encouraged Steve more. He slipped his hand under her arched back and lifted her, so he was in her space. Their eyes locked and lips were ever so close.
They kissed passionately, his hand still massaging her breasts gently. Jess moaned her approval as she fully surrendered her weight onto his strong arm, the temptation of her semi-nudity arousing Steve.
Jess felt his hand slide down her belly again and rub the outside of her shorts, lingering along the side of her sex and working their way as far as he could reach up the inside of them. Jess’s body was responding her legs relaxing, inviting him to explore. He tugged at the button of her shorts and undid her zip allowing his hand to slip inside her panties.
Steve groaned as he felt how aroused she was as he massaged her intimately in a continuous motion. His heart pounded at the scent of her arousal. He enjoyed watching Jess’s blissful face as she whimpered and moaned,  rubbing gently, increasing speed in ratio to her change in breathing. As her body was nestled into his, he could feel her start to wriggle and her head rock from side to side as if saying yes and no simultaneously. His body was fully responding to her arousal.
With a little more attention, Jess’s body shook and pulsed as she cried out in the ultimate sensual ending.
“Oh god!” Jess said breathlessly.
“SHE can’t help you know” Steve laughed in a dirty tone, convinced that God MUST be a woman to experience such pleasure!
They both laughed allowing Jess to get her breath back.
“Where did you learn to do that kind sir?” she quizzed.
“Why your body told me what you wanted” Steve whispered as he lay her back down.
“Now a beautiful lady like you deserves more pleasure,” Steve said as he inched her shorts and panties off.
“But … but I’ve just had an orgasm” she queried, a little confused.
“My lady, there is another level, and someone as beautiful as you deserves more than one crescendo!” Steve said factually.
“There’s another level?” Jess said in disbelief. She had only ever had one orgasm, sometimes none, so this concept blew her mind.
“That’s only on the movies,” she responded.
Steve laughed knowingly as he softly asked “May I prove you wrong?”.
“Please do” Jess giggled, her breath catching mid-sentence as he began to make love to her.
“Oh god that feels good” she breathed.
Steve lent forward so their chests were touching, slowly catching her gaze whenever he could.
The Hilux began to rattle as their intensity increased in rhythm and heat, Jess groaning again and feeling shocked as her body began to wriggle and give away it’s impending second explosion of pleasure.
“Oh God” she mouthed.
A flash of a Game of Thrones moment popped into her head. “You know nothing, Steve Milton” was cut off as her body surrendered again so intensely that she screamed out, surprising even herself at the volume.
This was too much for Steve to handle as he threw back his head reaching his own climax as Jess’s body shuddered and her hands gripped him tightly.
Jess’s intense daydream was interrupted rudely by the annoying sound of her alarm going off next to the bed.
“Shit,” Jess said as the reality set back in.
Here she was, back in her flat life, yearning for some ‘Hilux’ sex. She sulked out of bed, showered, and organized the kids out the door to the bus.
As she kissed the kids and said goodbye, she turned to get back to her desk and sat down in front of the computer.
“God, I hate this,” she said out loud. She knew it saved them money by her doing the admin for his trade business, but it really wasn’t her thing. She looked out the window as she dreamed of pursuing her passion in cooking, which she still did for Steve and the kids but they didn’t seem to appreciate it.
Working from home was a good idea at first but now she felt lonely, unappreciated, and bored.
Her loathing was interrupted by her phone buzzing, it was Steve, sighing as she swiped it and answered.
“Hey, babe. What’s up?” she said hoping her sigh wasn’t obvious.
“Hey, Jess”. Steve said then paused, struggling to continue.
“Steve. What’s wrong?” Jess queried, starting to worry as to what was coming next.
Steve’s deep breath scared Jess. “We’re broken. I miss us. I can feel your sadness and … we’ve lost what we had and … I’ve … I’ve forgotten to remind you to follow your cooking dream” he said with a pained voice.
Jess froze. Speechless. Her jaw open.
It was like he had read her mind.
“Can you meet me for lunch? I’ve cleared my slate for a few hours and was thinking I could pick you up in the Hilux …”
“The Hilux? Mmmm. Yes!” Jess said with delight, cutting him off, managing to gather herself after the initial shock of his tone.
“Ha Ha Ha!” Steve laughed reminiscing about their Hilux antics of the past and noted the change in her energy.
“Ok, I’ll be home at 12 pm to pick you up.”
For a tradie, their ute is their life … it’s considered among tradesmen, a badge of honor.
You could go as far as to say that it’s the measure of the man. As Steve steered his ute past their favorite Deli to pick up some supplies, then back towards his home to pick up his Tradie Lady Jess, he could be forgiven for feeling pretty masculine at that moment.
His energy changed as he thought about how flat Jess seemed. In his mind as the main financial provider, he initially was hurt by the fact that she seemed to not care about how hard he worked. However, after seeing the shell she had become, and how they had become distant, there had to be more to it than that.
While digging a hole that morning, he had been thinking about how hot their sex life used to be with their regular Hilux sessions … and anywhere else for that matter. He asked himself, “Why had it changed?”
He knew Jess didn’t love doing the admin, but it saved him a lot in the business … at that moment he stopped. ‘Oh ….’ He thought.
His business was going great and she was a big part of that by keeping him up to date and saving money at the same time, but it suddenly occurred to him that perhaps her whole life was about the kids and growing his business. Was it possible that she had ‘Me-Time’ on the back burner?
He stopped digging to focus.
“Shit” he mumbled to himself, “I’ve forgotten about her cooking dream … I’ve forgotten about her. No wonder she’s lost interest in me … she’s lost interest in herself”.
With that, he had decided things were about to change.
So, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Jess. After hearing her shift in excitement, he knew he was on the right track.


As he turned into their street, he had anticipation that he hadn’t felt for a while.
Steve parked in the driveway and strolled in to find Jess waiting in the hallway. “Hey, lovely lady …” Steve said as he pulled her into his arms and close enough so he was sure she couldn’t look away. “I fucking love you and I’m sorry you’re doing this stupid admin. We’re getting someone else to do it from now on. You need to explore your cooking again. But for now, please grab your handbag and let’s get out of here” he said with an excitement that told Jess he was serious.
“What happened today Steve?” Jess inquired. “You left me today with a peck on the cheek and you’ve returned like … like the Steve, I first met?”
“I know and I’ll explain on the way,” Steve said hurriedly as he whisked her towards the Hilux. “My lady,” he said with a hint of cheeky in his voice as he gestured her towards the open front door.
“Where are we going?” Jess asked. Steve smiled at her and kept driving.
As they headed out of town, Steve explained his hole digging revelation in great depth. Jess just listened and tried to contain her excitement, just in case it wasn’t real.
She was in the middle of the most unexpected day she had ever had and just wanted to enjoy every second.
After about 30 minutes, Jess smiled to herself as she began to recognize where he was going. “Steve, we’re going to ‘our spot’ aren’t we?” Jess said with a smile.
Steve again didn’t respond until they got to ‘their spot’. “Ok we’re here and yes, this is our spot. I wanted to bring you here to … start fresh.” Steve said as he pulled out a picnic blanket, delicious cheeses, dips, crackers, savory pastries, and her favorite arancini balls. “Oh, Steve this looks delicious and it’s from Geppetto’s!” Jess squealed in delight as she helped him set up their feast.
As they nibbled on the tasty morsels, they talked a lot about ‘where they were’ in their relationship. It was open and honest, and they both shed a few tears.
They lay back when they were full and looked up at the blue sky as the dappled sun sent spots over them as the trees swayed in the light breeze.
“Remember that time we came here, and we made love in the back of the Hilux” Steve said as she stroked Jess’s arm.
Jess smiled as she thought about the morning daydream she’d had earlier.
“Ah yes …” she giggled with an obvious story behind it.
“What are you giggling about my queen,” Steve asked.
“Well, kind sir, I was just this morning daydreaming about that and have to say that I was quite aroused by the memory. Little did I know that a few hours later I’d be … here” Jess said simulating the toothy emoji face.
Steve smiled as he made a move to hover over Jess, making sure he was in her space. He stroked the hair away from her face that the gentle breeze had left on her cheek. Their eyes locked as he leaned in to kiss her holding her face between his hands … an embrace that made her melt.
Jess could feel Steve’s arousal against her leg and urged it on by rocking her body along with it. “Mmmm,” Jess said in a low tone as she wriggled her body enough to prevent Steve sliding down her body, which would have normally been his next move. “Uh Uh …” she said smiling whilst in one swift move had slipped out from under Steve’s body and flipped him over onto his back. Steve was a fairly large guy, but he put up no fight as she took charge and undid his high vis shirt before unzipping and pulling down his shorts and boxers.
She stopped to admire him … and bask in his vulnerability.
She smiled at how powerful it made her feel again.
He was flat on his back completely vulnerable to her whim … she smiled at how he looked like he was waving the white flag. Jess ran her hands all over his body making sure that most parts were teased, cleverly leaving out his most intimate parts, creating anticipation which turned her on.
With his chest rising and falling, Jess locked eyes with Steve as she finally succumbed to her own urgency and slipped down his body to tantalize him. Steve jumped at the initial pleasure shock and moaned, which just encouraged Jess more, her tongue in control. Jess knew Steve like to be teased by the way he teased her, so when her tongue jumped between flicking, giving, and taking away, Steve groaned in delight. He was at her mercy for what would unfold … a willing subordinate.
Jess used her hand to press on in his pleasure. She was relentless, getting into a rhythm that challenged Steve to the point where his body was undoubtedly about to let go.
As he struggled to get words out to Jess about his predicament, she stopped, Steve’s heart pounding and on the verge of ecstasy.
“Oh God Jess, I was about to ….”
“I know,” Jess said cutting Steve off with a dirty giggle.
“Let me …” Steve tried to finish a sentence, hoping to say that he wanted to pleasure her and taste her, but Jess had already turned over to end up on her hands and knees … looking back with suggestive eyes.
She pulled him close, a willing participant in the direction of what she wanted.
Steve obeyed his queen immediately as he turned onto his knees and stroked her back and entered her.
They both gasped in the second ‘pleasure shock’ of the morning as he slowly, with a hint of knowing tease, got into an intimate motion.
Steve leaned forward enough to massage her shoulders and to make sure she could feel his full length.
Jess moaned and could feel her body weakening, Steve wrapping his arm around her breasts and pulling her further upright, so they were rocking together as one. Jess was struggling as it was, but his hand didn’t stop, moving down from her breasts to rub her intimately.
Their heavy breathing and moaning were so intense it was creating an echo through the bush around them causing birds to fly away.
Then Jess’s body started to shudder as her head flew back to rest on Steve’s shoulder as she screamed out loudly in pleasure.
Steve rode her orgasm with her until he could hold on no longer releasing the full force of his climax.
“Oh god,” he cried out, holding Jess tight, both staying silent, breathing it out.
“Mmmm … I loved this” Jess said in a dirty voice that Steve liked, continuing on with a series of raunchy words, even surprising herself.
Jess blushed to herself as she imagined anyone else hearing her speak this way.
“The rest of the day … shit!” said Jess all of a sudden. “What time is it??” she said as she grabbed his wrist to look at his watch.
“Two-thirty. We’d better get going baby! This is naughty and I like it, but I’ve got to get the kids to sports!” Jess said hurriedly as Steve slipped out of her as they started getting dressed.
Steve dressed slowly obviously reflecting as he continued …
“Can’t we do this ALL DAY?” he teased.


As Steve pulled up at their house, he turned to Jess and said “From now on, we’ve got to make time for us. We got lost but I love you and I’m never letting us get lost again.” Steve held Jess’s hand to make sure she truly heard him.
Jess smiled as she watched the Hilux disappear around the bend.
She was energized to step forward in their rekindled connection and hoped that she would be brave enough to explore cooking again as she rushed into the house to grab the keys and go back to being ‘Mum’.
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