Trial – Goddess Within S1 Episode 1 ‘Sexy Rogue’

Intro …
Nathan Pemberton always got what he wanted. He was a likable rogue. In his world of board rooms and investor meetings, it was very rare that he didn’t get the deal ‘over the line’. His chic penthouse apartment in Sydney overlooking The Rocks precinct was never without delightfully erotic delights where he also got ‘the deal’ over the line. His ‘special sensual skills’ had reached legend status guaranteeing a revolving door of hopeful women, hoping to be the flavor of the week.
Simple erotic desires took Nathan to the edge but he felt like there was more. Something mind-blowing. It was a desire of unknown origin that he couldn’t shake. A chance meeting in a lift with the ultra-successful, ultra-head strong Kira Bancock was about to challenge his sexual realm and take him further than he had ever experienced. This was to be a journey from which there may be no return.
“Oooh! I love it!” exclaimed Kira. “I call this Tuesday sexy!”.
The entire design team breathed a collective sigh of uncertain relief … an uncertainty that they had become used to working for Kira. Kira’s online ‘Goddess Within’ clothing label had emerged after listening to the frustrations of her married 40 something friends with 2.5 kids and a husband. They wanted to unlock the spark they used to have but never found the right piece that made them look sexy AND feel sexy AND have the time to shop for it. It was Kira’s belief that women never really lose their 21-year-old self; they just forget about her and lock her away as they go about the busy-ness of their lives.
It was her mission to help them remember ‘her’, overcome all their objections, and lure her back out into the light. Kira’s online store allowed her ladies to browse, mix, and match and seamlessly purchase without having to find much time … and without judgment. Her secret, which was why her brand became successful, was her ability to overcome the fear and insecurity of the wearer through tasteful use of graphics and ‘real’ size models looking sexy as well as the secret searching her clients could do without worry. Kira was tough on the team and had an internal set of highly critical standards and if she looked at one of her completed designs and didn’t immediately play an erotic mind video, then it was scrapped. That was why her team was always on edge on ‘product final review day’.
Luckily, the final design ‘worked’. As she tilted her head to breathe in the latest Bad Girl range. Immediately her mind drifted to a recent encounter with ‘Steve’ who she had been flirting with on an online chat while wearing one of her ‘Naughty Nancy’ pieces. She had never thought online dating sites would be her thing but her busy life consumed her bandwidth when it came to relationships. She found satisfying excitement in the banter and the tease on her sexy chats. It was also free from expectation, which was a relief, as well as she got to be whoever she wanted to be.
“Take off your clothes” typed Kira, wondering if Steve would actually do it.
“Stand in front of the mirror and imagine me looking straight at you. Can you feel it? I’m looking at your cock right now and I’ve noticed it stirring. You would be able to see my erect nipples bursting to get out of my sexy red lingerie”
Kira paused and waited. She saw Steve typing something.
“You’ve made my clock rage …” typed Steve. Kira burst out laughing and wrote back “Damn autocorrect! I hope your clock is ok!” She didn’t want to lose Steve’s concentration, so she continued
“Slide your fingernails along your shaft … slower … and imagine it’s me … keep going … what do you see in your mind?” Kira continued.
Before Steve had a chance to respond Kira typed “I’m wet thinking about you pleasuring yourself. My G-string is moist, and I’ve spread my legs so far apart that my red suspenders are stretched to the limit … my breasts are pushed out the top of my bra so far that my nipples are exposed.”
While she waited for him to take it all in, she slid her fingers along the top of her G-string … teasing herself just a little.
She smiled a dirty smile, squirming as her fingers found their way down the tiny triangle that covered her sex, but told herself to wait.
“Now put your hand around your cock and wank for me. Mmmm, don’t go too fast. Make yourself wait. Imagine I’m tantalizing your balls with my tongue. Hold off. Breathe.”
Unbeknown to Kira, Steve was struggling. He was finding it impossible to stay slow and steady as now his rhythm and his breathing were getting faster and faster. He was still imagining it was Kira wanking him in her sexy red lingerie. His eyes closed over and his head was slowly tilting back. His explosion was imminent. She was a stranger which made this conversation just that bit more of a perceived risk. He felt ok about giving up control, which was new for him. “Ahhhhh, Oh God” Steve typed. “Sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer, you were in my head”.
Kira laughed with dirty satisfaction. “That’s ok!” Kira reflected for a moment. She had never met anyone from the online sexting site before but there was something about Steve’s response that excited her enough to consider a physical meeting. Before she could continue, she noticed the bubble in the chatbox. She waited.
“Now it’s your turn …” Steve typed. She had forgotten about her own desire momentarily and was immediately aroused by his direct cheekiness.
In the past, she had accepted that her needs were often second place.
“I know you’re still wet and I can’t stop thinking about the tiny piece of material barely covering your sex. Slide your fingers along the side of the affected area … slowly and just touch ever so slightly. Tease yourself as I would”.
She closed her eyes to allow the theatre to play out, Steve’s message causing her to suck in air. She did as he said. She was surprised just how much her body had responded to his climax. “Now allow your finger to slide in. Dip it in so you feel your own nectar.
Taste it. Rub it more. Keep going.” Steve knew that she wouldn’t be able to type so he kept going.
The text bubbles were enough for Kira to squirm as she fingered herself and delighted in her own taste. “Oh, I wish I could see you right now. I can imagine the smell of your arousal …” Kira opened her eyes and tilted her head to the sound of the message ding. When she read it … it was too much and too late. She threw back her head in a nodding fashion over and over and let out an uncensored sensual scream. Her orgasm was surprisingly intense and relieving as she let the pressure of her day subside with it.
“Are you still there?” Steve enquired as he hadn’t heard anything back for a number of minutes. Kira laughed out loud at forgetting about her situation momentarily. “Ha Ha! Sorry! Yes! … I just had the most intense experience. I didn’t think it was possible … like this” Kira replied.

“Can you imagine how that would be in person? … is it time we met?” She meekly asked. Steve’s reply was simply “When and where … I’m there”. Kira was relieved and thought for a moment. She had a property developer friend that often had dressed properties ready for inspections. Basically, funky townhouses that no one lived in. Her friend had often offered the use of them for any ‘close encounters’. She now knew what her friend meant, now having a ‘close encounter’ planned. She sent Steve the address with a short checklist of instructions.
We’re playing hide and seek.
The door will be unlocked.
You’ll have to find me.
Kira’s attention came back to the room where her team was staring at her. She smiled on the inside about where she had traveled to in her mind. “Great work team … let’s get this up on the website”. The team often watched Kira assess the design and wondered where she went in her mind as she came to a decision.
If only they knew.
“Hold the lift!” Nathan cried out as he bolted around the corner to see the doors almost closed. He had been held up at an online meeting which now made him late for his next one and he knew that timing is everything on deals. He cursed himself for letting himself get so distracted. His pleading obviously working as the lift doors jolted to a stop and began to open again.
He raced in dressed in his dark grey suit with an open neck and brushed off a quick “Thanks!” without looking at who was standing there. As he stood there and gathered his thoughts, a beautiful perfume permeated his nostrils.
The scent was obviously of a woman and not to be one to miss out on an opportunity he looked up, immediately hypnotized by the eyes that returned his gaze.
He stammered out “I’m about to close a deal so being late wasn’t an option. Thanks for holding the lift”. He reflected on how nervous he sounded and scolded himself. This was not like him. “Oh, right” replied Kira as she broke his gaze to take him all in. Although she was never much for guys in suits as ‘they were all boring’ in her experience, she couldn’t help but notice his athletic torso battling against the quality fabric of his shirt. She found herself wondering what other precious surprises might be hidden behind the armor of the suit.
Something was wrong. Usually, she would brush off a random man in a lift, especially one wearing a suit, but the sensual goblin on her shoulder was making her heart pound as her gaze was locked back into his.
They were stuck in time, paralyzed in the moment, the only sound their heartbeats that they both hoped the other couldn’t hear. The ‘Ding’ of the lift arriving on the 10th floor finally breaking the built-up tension.
Kira looked down and scurried off, berating herself for acting like a hormone-charged teenager unaware that she’d left Nathan in his own state of confusion. The doors closed as the lift continued up to Nathan’s floor. When the doors opened, Nathan was greeted by the assistant of his next appointment. “Nathan? Nathan Pemberton?” the assistant queried. “Sir are you ok?” Nathan was still wondering what had just happened. He didn’t even know anything about the woman that held the door for him … but he couldn’t shake her memory. Her impression left him playing the video loop of her, over and over in his mind … her deep brown eyes that held an untold story … as well as the tight-fitting knit that entrapped her touchable full breasts. He was struggling to snap out of his daydream as his cock stirred with a demanding sense of urgency.
“Sir?” “What? Oh! I’m so sorry! I’m Nathan Pemberton and I’m here to meet with George” he finally managed to mumble. “Yes Mr. Pemberton, he’s waiting for you. I’ll show you in”. Nathan’s still distant mind failed to notice the approval he was getting from the pretty little assistant as she held the door for him to enter.
Always a deal maker, once he crossed the seal of the deal he snapped straight into character, emerging victorious only 30 minutes later, full of self-satisfaction. He had just signed a deal that was worth $10M over 2 years.
He thought it called for a celebration in the best way he knew how … he opened his phone to confirm the details of his ‘Hide and Seek’ date that was tonight.
The stirring in his groin confirming his anticipation … he wasn’t used to someone else calling the shots … let alone this mysterious woman … but it felt mysteriously right.
As the Uber negotiated its way through the funky inner Sydney streets, Nathan sat perplexed in the back seat. He hadn’t experienced this level of distraction as much as he had with the mysterious woman in the lift. He found himself torn between the arousal of the dominating task-setting lady sending him on an uncertain mission and the chance heart-pounding meeting he had in the lift. He squirmed, feeling a bit embarrassed that the lift woman had left him sticky and moist in his boxers.
He ALWAYS took charge of his sensual encounters, it was his way to make them last as long as possible, so having pre-ejaculate everywhere in his pants surprised … and excited him.
By the time the Uber pulled up he had no choice but to shake off his ambivalent feeling, he was going in and conceding to make the most of it.
He jumped out of the car and thanked the Uber driver as he paused to check the mission address. For a moment he thought it was a mistake as the house he stood in front of had a ‘For Sale’ sign on it but was intrigued enough to let go and continue towards the front door.
He slipped his hand into his pocket to pull out his phone and check the instructions once more.
We’re playing hide and seek.
The door will be unlocked.
You’ll have to find me.
It was time to make a decision. Nathan knew this was too good an opportunity to waste by being cautious … and besides it wasn’t in his nature. His heart was pounding as he twisted the handle until it clicked. This was starting to feel real. His breathing was becoming shorter as he swung the door open just enough to see behind it.
The low light was obviously thrown by candles as their shadows danced and teased around the walls as if challenging his courage. “Hello?” he inquired.
As he strained to hear a response, all he could hear was low sexy music filling the space. The silence made his body tense up, his energy on high alert.
As he closed the door behind him, he noticed a dark space to the left only lit with the dull reach of the streetlights that revealed some bedrooms. His attention was drawn to a staircase in front of him which rose up to divulge soft light darting along the staircase walls enticing his gaze upward. As he quietly and deliberately moved up the steps, he knew once he reached the top it was the moment of truth.
Reaching the top of the stairs, he immediately sensed energy in the large open space as he entered.
His eyes darted around urgently trying to find something to confirm that he wasn’t being taken for a ride or in fact trespassing! His body went into momentary sensory overload as he spotted an outline of a woman wearing a sexy lipstick-red set of suspenders across the room sitting on the low ledge in front of the river pebble fireplace.
He saw that her legs were spread wide apart and his hard cock detected that she was not wearing any panties.
“Oh my god!” he gasped, shaking his head to confirm that he wasn’t seeing things … it was the lady from the lift! Kira also gasped when she saw the figure step into the light momentarily losing her bravado. “You!” They were frozen in time by the environment they found themselves in, both contemplating flight or fight!
Finally, … the moment was broken by Kira. “Did you feel what I felt in the lift?” she asked. “Yes …” Nathan trailed off thoughtfully. “This is weird, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am so aroused right now that it scares me. I can’t get you out of my head” he said carefully. “I’ve been thinking about you all day, I almost canceled this date as I was so distracted by you”.
As Kira smiled victoriously about his comment, he was mesmerized by the creases on the corner of her mouth. Her red lips were invitingly arousing like they were calling him without sound. “So, you found me … you win!” Kira giggled. “Come over here and kneel down” she instructed in an authoritarian tone, quick to regain her composure.
Nathan, now powerless, swiftly moved into a worshipping position in front of Kira. He stole a glance at her neatly groomed pubic hairline enhancing the most beautiful bulging pink opening. He couldn’t help but detect her sweet smell of arousal. He slowly looked up into her half-opened eyes.
“Tease me,” said Kira, surprising herself as she stayed in her online chat character.
Without hesitation and as if he had the approval he was seeking, Nathan fingers softly touched the inner side of her knees then tantalizingly slowly continued along her smooth tanned inner thighs … just slow enough to feel Kira’s body shift.
Kira’s body was starting to betray the calm and in control persona she sought. Her body quivered and wriggled; her breathing was becoming faster in proportion to the distance from her wet sex that his hand was.
She closed her eyes as Nathan’s fingers teased her around her sensual hairline. She tried to act like it hadn’t affected her, but she could feel her vulva deserting her as it swelled in delight.
She couldn’t believe the effect his touch was having on her.
His fingers finally brushed her labia, sending a shockwave through her body. She worried that the crescendo of her arousal would cause her wetness to drip right onto the cool marble she was sitting on. “Mmmm” was all Nathan said as his fingers slid all the way into her.
Kira gasped involuntarily as she adjusted to the overwhelming feeling she had, suspended in time. He began to slide his fingers to fuck her slowly, sliding two fingers in and out. Kira was surprised at how weak she felt to his touch. She thought she could just orgasm right there at that moment. He continued on as he observed her growing reaction intently. For a brief second, Nathan readjusted his view to take in this scene, his intense reaction to her pleasure adding to his already soaked boxers.
Kira gasped as Nathan slipped out his fingers that were now covered in her nectar and offered them to her lips.
Her eyes questioned his, but they approved him to receive. She was unable to resist and responded immediately by running her tongue all over them, sucking intently, her eyes seeking silent approval. “Jesus …” Nathan whispered under his breath.
He leaned into her space for a taste of her … as he kissed her softly giving and taking away his tongue. Kira’s heart was pounding as she pondered this experience which was only at entrée. Nathan reached around to her back, continuing to kiss her as with unmeasured urgency he undid her lacy red corset … stopping to admire her voluptuous breasts as they burst out announcing themselves.
He ran his hands around her breasts avoiding her nipples which now stood out urgently demanding attention.
Kira’s head flew back as he teased her. She hoped he would flick and taste her nipples but soon realized that she was not able to anticipate his next move like she normally did with men. This was different … and overwhelming as her only option was to receive in all her glory. She was distracted and stimulated by his fingers entering her vagina again until her focus was drawn to his soft, moist tongue sucking and flicking on her nipples.
She groaned in delight. She was flustered and feeling out of control … and vulnerable. Her body wriggled as her dripping wet sex swelled up. “I … I …
I’m …” she stammered. “Shh …” Nathan whispered, “just enjoy, let go and enjoy it”. With that Kira’s body gave in as she cried out in pleasure. “Ahhh …. Ohhh … Oh god” Kira’s body shook and her eyes jammed shut as she orgasmed intensely.
Nathan’s cock was hard, and his pants were wet. “I love your orgasm face … ah … oh … shit … I don’t know your real name” chuckled Nathan. “It’s … It’s Kira” she stammered a little embarrassed as to how easily he had made her cum. “Well, Kira … it’s nice to meet you … I’m Nathan”.
A few seconds had passed allowing her to gather her thoughts enough to tilt her head to the side contemplating her next move. Kira was turned on by receiving … but also loved giving.
She started to undo his shirt buttons slowly looking him directly in the eyes. No words between them, just a sensuous silence. Nathan’s attention followed Kira’s fingers as she worked her way to the bottom and slid the shirt off his shoulders. She ran her fingernails slowly along his chest and flat toned stomach to pause at the line of his belt. Still holding his gaze, she followed the outline of his raging cock which could no longer hide its magnificence.
“Mmmm” she whispered, admiringly. She undid his belt slowly and waited for the clinking noise the buckle made as it swung back. This sound had always made her heart skip a beat as it signaled only one thing. Nathan was hypnotized as he had never felt before.
He was usually in charge in the bedroom but with Kira, he was vulnerable to her touch.
“Stand up” Kira breathed to which Nathan obeyed.
She looked up at him as she slid his pants down and helped him step out of them. He was now just protected by his boxer shorts that were bulging to breaking point with a wet cock-shaped outline. Nathan had lost all track of time and space as she ran her fingers along the inside of the top band of his shorts.
Kira could see that Nathan was struggling with his eyes closed and his breathing increasing. The voice in his head was screaming out ‘Take them off!’ but he also relished in her tease. Kira made herself wait as long as she could, then finally lifted his boxer band out and over allowing his cock to bounce out like a jack-in-the-box. He was now naked with his raging hard-on near Kira’s lips. As she ran her fingernails along the bottom of his balls, Nathan groaned as he adjusted his stance so he wouldn’t fall.
He thought she would continue along his shaft but was taken by surprise as he felt her warm tongue jumping and tickling his balls. “Oh god,” Nathan mouthed without sound. Before he could regain composure, her tongue continued along his shaft as she continued to tickle his balls.
He lost all sense of anticipation.
She went back to the base of his cock and started the tongue tease again all the way from his balls along his shaft without touching the end of his cock. Nathan’s nerve endings were screaming out at the fine line between pleasure and pain. Again, before he could regain composure, she engulfed his cock and took its entire length into her mouth as her head bobbed over and over along his shaft. Nathan was struggling. For the first time in a lot of years, he was beginning to worry that he might just cum right there and then in the first few minutes.
He tried to breathe it out. Kira was calling the shots … he was no longer in charge of his orgasm destiny. Kira had more plans for his delightfully raging cock and felt him struggling so just when he thought it was too late, she eased off and sat back slightly with a look of satisfaction. “Ok … you had me” Nathan said as he smiled a dirty smile. “Oh really?” Kira teased knowingly.
“Now young lady, you are cheeky, and I like it … AND you’re not very good at hiding thankfully” Nathan said in a sexy low tone. He took her hand and helped her to stand up as he guided her to the sofa on the other side nearer to the stairs he had come up. He lay her down gently as he spread her legs with his knees and ran his hands over her breasts massaging, cupping, and tantalizing her. She could feel his raging cock rubbing and sliding around her wet entrance, searching for its prize. They both gasped as Nathan’s cock entered her.
This was not a one-way experience … its intensity was mutual. He was trying to stay slow and rhythmic, but their combined urgent energy made it impossible. He thrust into her over and over as she groaned in pleasure. They both had their eyes closed trying to make the moment last longer.
“Oh, Nathan …” Kira cried.
They were building up no matter how hard they tried to fight it.
It was wild as Kira pulled Nathan in, holding his hips as she ground onto his cock. He considered pulling out and turning Kira over to plunge into her from behind, but he sensed that they were both now past the point of no return.
Kira started moaning and moaning as her body began to shake engulfed in his rhythm. Nathan continued to thrust but was tapped into her moaning until he felt her body grind down hard as she screamed out as she orgasmed with involuntary shaking. That was it for Nathan. The pressure was just too much as his raging cock felt like it was going to burst. He pulled out as he exploded onto her breasts that were now heaving up asking to receive his load. “Cum on me, Cum on me!” Kira cried.
He flopped down next to her on the deep couch. “Oh, Kira … that was amazing” Nathan whispered, barely able to speak. “Oh god yes,” Kira said. Nathan offered his arm to Kira so that she could nestle in. They lay on the couch in silence. Both unable to make sense of it.
“I want to see you again Kira … I don’t understand what I’m feeling” stammered Nathan.
Kira smiled with secret joy but gave nothing away …


Coming up in the next Episode …

Nathan and Kira recover from their chance meeting, its intensity taking hold of them both.

However, heir intense attraction is challenged by their differences …

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