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Inside every ‘perfectly-imperfect’ women like me, is an inner sensual goddess. Ladies, we need to nurture her, fulfil her and let her shine.
O-Metime is for women who dare to travel and escape in their mind and perhaps awaken her Intimate Identity.

We are beautifully complicated and finding your true sensual goddess potential starts with a sensual journey of the mind. If our inner goddess is nourished, she allows herself to explore her desires and fantasies.

Free from judgement. Free from shame. Free to be you. Free of guilt.

It’s a journey of the mind to where you want to take it.

Where lifelines are perfect, and imperfections are embraced.

Like Japanese Kintsugi where gold glue is used to enhance the cracks symbolising fragility strength and beauty.

Cherish yourself … you deserve some O-Metime!

O-MeTime Mini Series

Travel Lover

raunchy Stories for women

As Carrie waited for the taxi, her heart pounded. “What am I doing?” her inner goddess screamed out. She was on the precipice of her first sexual encounter since she recently separated from her sex challenged marriage of 15 years. What scared her the most was the thought of baring her curvy ‘normal’ body for first time since her now ex-husband. Accepting his invitation while away in Bali for work meant an unimaginable sexual adventure with Ryan who she was instantly drawn to when they sat next to each other at a travel expo. They had struck up a friendship where rapidly they shared inner most thoughts and feelings like neither of them had experienced before.

Goddess Within

raunchy Stories for women

Nathan always got what he wanted. He was a like-able rogue. In his world of board rooms and investor meetings, it was very rarely that he didn’t get the deal ‘over the line’. His chic penthouse apartment in Sydney overlooking The Rocks precinct was never without delightfully erotic delights where he also got ‘the deal’ over the line. His ‘special sensual skills’ had reached legend status guaranteeing a revolving door of hopeful women. A chance meeting in a lift with the ultra-successful, ultra-head strong Kira was about to challenge his sexual realm, unlock an unknown … and take him on a journey from which there was no return.

Tradie Lady

raunchy Stories for women

As Jess looked up from her computer, her gaze fuzzed into a daydream. Lately, she had been having out of character wild sex dreams which reminded her of when her and Steve, her busy tradie husband, were first together. Steve was fit and strong and although she loved his toned shoulders and washboard stomach, it was his ability to make her laugh that made her take the leap of faith into their first erotic skinny dip encounter. Life now seemed hard and they were stuck in the grind. Little did Jess know that her distant eyes had not gone unnoticed as the wild sex of her past, now dwelling in her mind, would return … and not from where she expected